This was actually a class assignment that I had last week. I am always enrolled in a class or two to continue growing as a photographer both technically and artistically. This assignment was a bit daunting though. How do you see yourself? How do others think of you? How do you capture it all in one photo?

I hemmed and hawed a long time about these questions. What I came up with was:

1. I’m always in motion. I think I exhaust my friends, family, and of course, husband. He says that he hasn’t sat down since he met me :) hehe

2. I love green- really really love green.

3. I consider myself a very happy and upbeat person.

So what did I do to capture all of this?

I wore green and spun around in circles while holding out the camera and hitting the shutter. Ah! That was exhausting in itself!

The Result:

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