‘Monday I had the most hilarious, but exhausting shoot of my life. Little (ha, yeah right!) Alex is 18 months old and a ball of energy. Man can he run and giggle and run and fall and giggle- you get my point. It was an action packed two hours that gave opportunity for some great candids.

This first one is my favorite. I think that the photo Gods always give you a little gift somewhere in your photos. In this one, Alex’s hair naturally formed devil ears when he threw himself down on his chair.

And then the Angel came out :)

And then the Devil came back when he discovered a huge puddle of water. No wonder his mommy is so tiny! I couldn’t keep up!

Alex had his limits though. Even the Ice Cream Man couldn’t make him cross that monster pond!

But mommy caved in :)

Cram it all in Alex! You never know if someone is going to come and take it away from you! haha

I’m a little jealous of Alex’s fun today. When, as adults, do we ever let ourselves go? To jump in puddles and smear ice cream all over ourselves?

It’s no big deal though, there’s always BATHTIME!!

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