‘Today was a chilly day at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach. To warm things up, Kiame and I raced around the park, up and down the slide, through the tunnels, and on and off the bridge. We even had time to sit on a frog and tell him secrets!

OK. This photo may look a little weird and it is. This fishbowl thing was underneath the entire jungle gym. Kiame was running around and just popped his head in. He tried to clean the window because it was dirty. Unfortunately he couldn’t get any of the soot off so he bolted. Weird, but I still love it!

Kiame was very nice to me the entire shoot, but he definitely had his eye on me. Full trust was not there until the very end. We clicked. He loved me and I adored him. We shared gummy snacks and a few last laughs before we said goodbye.

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