‘Happy Mother’s Day Mammas and Mammas to be!

I hope today was wonderful for you.  It’s so weird to be a mamma. I don’t know that it has clicked in my brain yet. Maybe when I’m woken up with “beautiful” macaroni art and pancakes in bed will it feel like its *my* Mother’s Day. What I do know is that I have so many wonderful women in my life. This first Mother’s Day to me was a celebration of those ladies. So many of us have been friends for years, decades even, and now we are sharing in the joy of motherhood together. But what I realized is how much love and influence we have over each others muffin dumplings.  I’m all of a sudden a mamma to like 10 babies!

If you’re bored with all this and want to stop reading now, go for it, but I have to talk about my day. It was just too amazing not too :) It really was a day to soak in and appreciate our new, very own,  little family.

James’s early morning whimpers got me out of bed around 7. I decided that he needed to take me out for coffee in exchange for his freedom (out of the crib). We walked the pier, sipped coffee, and shared a bagel. It was just what I needed to charge up for the day. We let dad sleep a little and met him back at home.

Nicholas’s planning was top notch. We drove into LA and the three of us had an amazing lunch at The Chateau Marmont. The garden there is incredible! It was so private and relaxing- no wonder so many celebrities have taken up residency there! We had a few glasses of wine and watched our peanut make his way to every table to say hello (normally we’d never do this, but there were babies babies babies everywhere!). After our 3 hour lunch we cruised Sunset Blvd all the way west to  The Getty Museum. Neither of us had ever been there and this was finally an excuse to go. Even the drive all the way down was spectacular. Unfortunately we only had a short amount of time before closing. We managed to walk through the flower garden and visit a few exhibits.

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