Wow! So exciting! We will have to be posting more of Ms. Laura. Yesterday’s post hit an all time high. Go Laura!

While I have you, I have to tell you about the coolest new “convenience store” in town. Manhattan Beach needed this so badly! Actually, everywhere in So Cal needs this so badly. It is a high end, everything you need in one stop kind of store. Customizable sandwiches (like adding Doritos to your Honey Maple Turkey Sandwich!), salads, and drinks. Its all gourmet product, computerized for your convenience, and (this is a big one) they deliver! It is stocked with everything you need in that moment of panic:

“Shoot! We need a bottle of wine for the party!” No worries, they have at least 50 bottles of red and white to chose from.

“Oh My Gosh we have no milk for the baby”- Totally covered

“This recipe calls for Poultry seasoning. We don’t have that.”- Say no more. They have many many spices to chose from.

You get my drift. The place is brilliant, quick, and was created by some young guys (so rumor has it). Manhattan Beach is all about supporting the local entrepreneurs which is why I’m posting this. I want them to survive so that I always have a place to walk to where I can get NY deli sandwhiches, coffee, wine, and some toilet paper.

Go check it out!

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