If you haven’t already seen The Sound of Music, get off of your chair, close this blog, and go rent it, download it, whatever! It is the best classic out there. I thoroughly enjoy it every single time I watch it. I don’t think I can say that about any other movie.

So I’m writing about this because this Fall, The Hollywood Bowl is putting up the largest outdoor screen in the world and showing this musical gem. Not only can you watch it with thousands of other people while sipping wine, but its a sing-a-long!

OMG. I’m buying tickets now! Come join me :)

A little bit of SoM trivia:

In the scene with the glass house where they are singing “I am sixteen going on seventeen”- you know that one? Well, the actress,  Leisel, during filming, fell through the glass and not only shattered the glass, but her ankle! They had it all bandaged up and had to edit the cast out of the movie. I didn’t even know that crazy technology existed back in 1965!’

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