‘It’s 10pm. I had to DVR Dancing With the Stars because I’m far too excited by the photos from today’s Maternity Boudoir shoot.

A week ago my yoga instructor Patricia Grube, hired me to do this photo shoot for a very inspirational project that she and fellow yoga student, Sara Smildzins are working on. The project involves a book (ooh!) and natural child birth (ouch!). Ha! Just kidding. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. Hopefully before I get pregnant again!  If you’d like to follow the progress of their book or would like to contribute in some way (maybe your own amazing natural birth), please check out the website for updates and contact info: http://www.serenitybirth.com/.

So back to my stunning model.

We had quite a lot of ground to cover on this shoot. We started at 9am down in Manhattan Beach with some prenatal meditation and fun in the sand.

Then moved onto some fun in the bedroom! Ooh La La!


Um Hello. Can we say beautiful? Go ahead and guess how far along she is? Just try.

Nope. You’re wrong. She’s nine months! Due any day now!

And yes, there is a daddy too. Pretty fine lookin couple, wouldn’t you say?

Baby Grace is already a lucky girl..

Ok, catch your breath. The rest is for them to enjoy!

And one last photo for the grandparents…

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