Another local favorite that I MUST share. I’ve been going to Brother’s Burritos for about 1 1/2 years now and can’t get enough. When I was pregnant I went daily. When I was nine months pregnant, I went daily and devoured the orange salsa. Oh man is that good and spicy! Got baby moving, that’s for sure.

This is a small establishment one street south of the Hermosa Pier. Purposely located off the strip to cater to locals. This young married couple opened this delicious joint to bring a healthy, not greasy, fresh, and customizable burrito to your mouth. You can dine in or take these individually wrapped (you get two per order) burritos out to the beach- dig your toes into the sand and enjoy. I promise you- carnivore or vegetarian, you will not be disappointed! Check them out and support our South Bay Entrepreneurs!

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