‘There’s nothing like starting a shoot with a warm hug. I met Tracie for coffee about a week ago. As soon as I strolled into Coffee Bean, I was greeted with this smiley, blonde, sweetheart giving me a hug. Instantly, I knew this was going to be an awesome photo shoot.

Sure enough, when I arrived at Tracie and Brian’s house today, they were nothing but hugs and smiles. Awesome. We needed some sunshine in the room since Manhattan Beach sure wasn’t providing it!

They had decided to do their maternity photos down at Manhattan Beach pier. This is where they met, fell in love, and now live.

See what I mean about the cute, smiley, blonde?

This is how the morning started and finished. Pure sweetness..

Itty bitty costume change :)

We took it back to their house for a little alone time. I’m telling you right now, Brian is going to kill me for posting this. It’s worth it. I’ll die for this one. He was such a sport through all of Tracie and my wacky ideas. Doesn’t this just make you smile from ear to ear? What good men will do for their wife and soon to be daughter :)

Tracie and Brian were such a joy to work with. They entertained all of my whims and enjoyed it (or at least pretended to!). At the end Tracie had a few surprises of her own. Apparently, this couple is a bit competitive with their home states, Washington and Florida.

Right when Tracie laid down, the baby kicked really hard. Both Tracie and Brian jumped and said, “which one did she kick?”. LOLĀ  Me, not knowing a thing about sports or teams said, “the white one.” I apparently made Tracie’s day. Go Florida!

Tracie and Brian are bursting with excitement at the arrival of their new little girl. Every week Tracie paints numbers according to her week of pregnancy and takes a picture. I wish I would’ve done that. I didn’t do any progression pictures. Bad mommy!

I caught them on week 34…

Thanks Brian and Tracie for a great morning!’

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