‘Wow. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already!

We took off a week ago for a friend’s wedding in San Francisco area. My husband and I were so excited to get away, relax, sleep in, leisurely eat every meal, and have a few adult beverages (oh yeah, we left the peanut with the grandparents!). Oh my it was heaven.

When we arrived in SF, we had lunch with old friends, and then of course, rented Go Carts to zip around the crazy hills. I’m pretty surprised we didn’t get hit by cars!

Here are a few IPhone pix to make you chuckle…

I forgot how cold it is! My little hoody did not hold up to this freezing cold fog! BRRRRR!

Sorry San Francisco Lovers, I’ll take a gloomy summer in Manhattan Beach any day!

So when we got back on Monday, James made me pay. He was such a monster. I’m not kidding. He was really really mean to me. How can a 14 month old get under your skin, ha, I think only a mother can relate. When Nicholas got home from work, I was on the phone with a daycare. Me: “Hello, how soon do you have openings?” Nicholas to James: “Ha! Dude! You’re in trouble now. Mom is calling daycare!” LOL  After Monday, he returned to his angel self. For now, daycare is on hold :)

With all of this traveling and repairing of my relationship with my one year old, I never got to post the few pix of my furry friends. We had some visitors just before we left. They were both such a treat! I feel about dogs how most feel about kids- they’re better when they are someone else’s! Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE dogs and want one so bad, but with a baby? Forget about it!

Meet Orri. Cute, fluffy, puparoo. The  teeny shadow underneath her  body makes me laugh.

Meet Trout. Our very close friends rescued her. She was with us all weekend and such a good loving girl.

This is her formal, model pose…

Her goofball “I can be fun too” pose. Camera lense might have helped on this one :)

Pretty Girl…

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