‘Tuesday afternoon I scooped up Miss Jasmine and headed to Venice Beach. The only senior portraits she had were the typical, in front of a gray curtain, smile for Mickey, type photos. Even though I don’t know Jasmine well, I knew¬† there was more to her that needed to be unveiled.

We parked my car on Abbott Kinney, hopped out and explored. Jasmine did not need direction at all. She was a natural. Her fun, giggly spirit was a joy to capture.

Ok. So unbelievably adorable. This one has to be for the parents..

And this one- OMG, I can’t stand the cuteness…

Ok. Fair enough. She can’t always be just a cutie pie. Have to bring out the Spice!

She is the perfect blend of sweet, beautiful, and girl next door.

My absolute favorite photo ever! I love it! I love the orange, I love the stone, I love how relaxed Miss Thang is! At this point, Jasmine was probably so over the photo shoot, she was just able to let loose and ignore me :)

I was getting pretty tired myself, so we just let loose and had some fun before heading home…

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