‘Ok. I am definitely burning the midnight oil. I told myself hours ago I’d be in bed for a good night’s sleep. Ha! Can’t help it. Eyes are burning. Must. Stay. Awake.

So, my friends, I bring to you, one of the most fun family shoots I’ve been on (see Part one for more info).

We started out last Saturday morning at a coffee shop in Playa del Rey. Nothing good or productive happens without coffee. It was extremely overcast as this entire summer has been.

We took a stroll down to a little lagoon-esque place by the beach. I liked it there because although I haven’t been to the Midwest it makes me think of it (which is where this fine family is from).

Please welcome the VanElslander ladies. At least I can say it now. I spent the entire shoot calling them the Von Hammersteins! LOL

Yeah! Leaves! Since we haven’t had much of a summer here in the South Bay, might as well look forward to Fall!

Three generations of love. Grandma getting in as much quality time before heading back to Michigan.

Pappi getting in his time too :)

The family enjoyed every second of being together-literally. I thought this was only in TV shows :)

I have SOOO many more photos to share, but I’m going to stop here. Partly because my eyes are burning. Ken and Jan have been together for 30+ years (shame on me for not asking! bad Monika).

They are so in love, proud of their girls and grandson, and happy to be wherever they are.

We were able to sneak away for a bit to capture these intimate and beautiful emotions that they share together. Ahhhh…..

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