‘Saturday was an awesome day. One amazing family, two ROLOL (“Roll over and laugh out loud.” Duh, people) shoots.

I was hired by the VanElslanders (say that three times!) to photograph their family who was out visiting from Michigan and Boston. They are rarely all together so it was the perfect opportunity. Lauren, the middle of the three sisters, hired me for a separate shoot. Her new company, Three Sisters Event Planning, needed some photos to go with it.

Oh man, did the three sistas and I have a blast. We broke so many rules and got away with it all! A little trespassing, a bottle of champagne, and the rest is history! I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I did taking them!

Unveiling the possible new look of The Three Sisters…

Nothing like some strong noon sun and champagne to get the mood right! It was a little freaky to lay in these fields. We were definitely intruding on the homes of foreign creatures. Thank God we didn’t meet any of them. As we were leaving the fields, everyone’s feet starting sinking into these vacated homes. Ahhhh! I have the eeby jeebies thinking about it!

For the purpose of Three Sisters Event Planning, we will just say this is sisterly love- holding hands, laughing, and running through nature. Shhh. Only you know the truth!

They made it safe and sound!

WEEEEEEEEEE! Only two sisters, but I like it :)

This photo makes me wish I had sisters…

Stay tuned for The VanElslanders, Part II’

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