‘Halloween is my favorite holiday. I absolutely LOVE dressing up and forcing others to do the same. If you caught  last week’s episode of Modern Family, I am Claire. I will lose my eh hem on you if you are bah humbug about dressing up. I’m sure I annoy the non believers terribly :)

This Halloween, we decided to have an intimate party of close friends and their little goblins.

My favorite creation were these witches fingers. They actually tasted delicious if you were daring enough to try one!

I am so fortunate that my childhood friends had babies at the same time I did and that they love each other so much!

This melts my heart…

This one too…

This year’s clan…

Who knew Frankenstein loves bubbles so much!

There were so many to choose from but I just ran out of time. Sunday (Halloween) we had this raging (ha. That’s funny. If only we were to compare what raging meant 5 years ago!) party and then early Monday morning I made a mad dash to the airport. James and I flew to Florida for my dad’s 70th and this was as far as I got. I just couldn’t hold onto it any longer though. I’ll post some more winners when I return!’

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