‘Six weeks ago I photographed a very happy and pregnant Natalia and Diego. Their house was still silent, full of pink blankets and clothes, and the baby’s room had dad’s tool kit on the floor with all of the “to do’ items next to it. I think we all know this scenario. So much to do before this new person arrives!

And then they show up and you don’t really care that those curtains aren’t hung yet. Haha

Martina was born 10 days ago (only 6 days old in these photos) and of course couldn’t be more precious.

I arrived at their house on Friday with all sorts of ideas in my head- None of which Martina wanted anything to do with! Ha!  I learned very early on that we have zero control. Definitely have to roll with the punches with these little peanuts!

I’m pretty stubborn though. Patience and persistance paid off !  We won! Neener neener nee-ner :)

Meet Martina…

Manhattan Beach Newborn Photography

I tried to narrow down my favorites of Martina in the white furry blanket, but I couldn’t. I had to post at least three!

This hat kills me and so does the peach fuzz!

Manhattan Beach Newborn Photography


Yum!Manhattan Beach Newborn Photography

Ok, we seriously need to stop with the cuteness, girlfriend. Trouble already :)

Manhattan Beach Newborn Photography

If you remember from Natalia and Diego’s post, I photographed this table with the intention of putting Martina on it. It took  a couple of days to accomplish this task, but was so worth it! This precious little pea pod in a bed of roses. Not just any roses, but beautiful, velvety, fragrant roses that her parents imported from Ecuador. (Stay tuned for a future post on Natalia in Savvy Moms)!

Manhattan Beach Newborn Photography

Congratulations to the proud parents! I wish you nothing but good health and happiness!’

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