Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Everyone always asks me if I’m constantly photographing my son. The answer is, unfortunately, no. He HATES it when I take the camera out. And unlike when I photograph someone else’s children he finds me boring and redundant.

I pleaded with him and negotiated that if he sat and took this photo for me that he could hold the bubbles bottle. Needess to say, he was less than thrilled. Oh well, I still think he looks adorable!

Title of this photo: “Happy Friggin St. Patty’s Day”  :)

Manhattan Beach Childrens Pictures

I had to hold to my end of the bargain. Instantly the hat came off and the frown turned into smiles!

Yeah for bubbles!

Manhattan Beach Childrens Photography

And Flowers!

Manhattan Beach Childrens Photography

Manhattan Beach Childrens Photography

Have a wonderful St. Patty’s Day! So excited that spring is here!

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