I love photographing high school seniors. The excitement they have for everything that lies ahead is very contageous. You almost relive your youth with them.

I met Ryan last week for our consultation. He braved the almost hurricane we were having to meet with me.  When I answered the door he had his hoody pulled over his head and gave me a shy grin. Click. In my head I was wishing I had my camera right there. It was perfect, natural, and totally him.

So, without a second thought, I told him to wear the hoody for our photo shoot two days later. I’m so glad he did. I think he looks adorable! Sorry, I mean, handsome :)

Manhattan Beach Senior Pictures Class of 2011

And stylin…

Manhattan Beach Senior Portraits Class of 2011

Ryan is not just another pretty face. Nope. I had so much fun talking with him and admiring what a great job his parents have done. Seriously- you need to put out a Youtube video on raising kids right! 

Mr. Ryan is a track star, hurdles to be specific. I had some grand ideas of having him fly over random things but due to an injury just before the shoot, we couldn’t do it. So we chatted some more and he told me how he was going to spend his summer biking across the United States with his dad. Seriously? That’s amazing.

He said, “I’ve never been to Disney World in Florida and have always wanted to go.”

I replied, “Oh, so naturally you just decided to ride your bicycle there. Ok.” Ha! Good for you guys!

Towards the end of the shoot, Ryan went back to his car and did a quick switch- a- roo into something a bit more snazzy.

Love the shoes Ryan! Matches your tie perfectly!

Manhattan Beach Senior Portraits Class of 2011

And finally, some fun with black and whites. Love these!

Manhattan Beach Senior Portraits Class of 2011

This one stands on its own. Keep GQ as a back up plan :)

Manhattan Beach Senior Portraits Class of 2011

Sorry Ryan. Didn’t mean to embarras you!

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