Recently I’ve been playing a lot with lights rather than just using sunshine. Don’t get me wrong, natural light is BEAUTIFUL. But sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) I want some control! Ha! Isn’t that an understatement. Well, working with Hollywood lights lets me play and design whatever I want. Pretty cool.

Natasha said that she really likes vampires. So we ran with it. We worked until we got that “Twilight”/ “True Blood” kind of feel.

This photo has very minimal processing. Just an out of place hair here or there was removed and the rest is light and camera magic!

Move over Edward and what’s the girls name who is inlove with a wolf or something now? Well her. Move over.

Photos By Monika

Sorry, I can’t post more, but I’m up to my ears in finding my Class of 2012 Senior Models! I met with 6 wonderful high school students today and think that I am ready to narrow it down. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to announce the two students who will be my co-pilots for the next year!

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