For the last six months,  my family and I have been preparing for a three week trip to Europe. So much of my family is there and we never get to see each other. A big motivator to make this the big year, was my Great Aunt’s 102nd birthday. If you remember from a post I wrote awhile back, she is an extraordinary woman.

The first leg of our trip was to Augsburg, Germany, to visit my Great Tante. It just so happened that it was also my son’s 2nd birthday. We picked up Tante Herma and took her to her favorite Italian Restaurant. She was dressed to the nines and soooo happy to meet her great great nephew, nevermind spend their birthdays together.

birthday, old and new, manhattan beach photographer, Monika O'Deegan

They were two peas in a pod and enjoyed blowing out candles together very much!

Blowing out candles, Manhattan Beach Portrait Photographer, Monika O'Deegan

And even though they don’t speak the same language, they managed to make one another laugh

laughter, birthday, manhattan beach photos, Monika O'Deegan

We spent 3 days with this spring chicken. She walked around Augsburg (yes, you heard me correctly. WALKED!) taking us to her most desired places and restaurants. This woman brought us so much happiness and words of wisdom in such a short time. Before we left, we stopped off at a farmer’s market and bought some fresh produce. We surprised Tante Herma by bringing it to her home and asking the cooks to make it for her! What else do you give a 102 year old?

BTW, this Farmer’s Market puts any one I’ve been to, to shame!

Augsburg, Farmers Market

This trip was such a beautiful experience. I will share as much of it with you as I can! Please check back again to see what happens in Hungary!

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