Welcome to the world beautiful Baby Dylan.

A rough start, but three weeks later, here you are, perfect as ever. Everything down to the little peach fuzz on your back is just adorable. 

newborn baby boy picture

Very alert and had his eyes on me the entire time, but never made a peep.

newborn baby photos

Proud older sister Alanna and mom are in love. Although as soon as Alanna was finished with this picture, she ran as fast as she could back to what she was doing- collecting snails. Ha! Novelty of baby brother wore off quickly!

newborn baby photos

Alanna was so cute looking for snails, I couldn’t resist chasing her around a bit. Her biggest delight was kissing the slimy creatures (picture on the right). EEEW! Wait a few more years when she realizes what she is doing!

Children kids pictures

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