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Happy Monday! I am so excited to share this beautiful and talented mamma with you! Michelle has been my skin goddess for 3 years now. This bubbly and adorable woman has the knowledge and touch to make your skin radiate from the inside out. As if that wasn’t enough, she has added on to her […]

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Part III of our European travels was beautiful Italy. After much family time in Hungary, Nicholas, James, and I broke away and took off to Cinque Terre for a few days. Ahhhh! This is where you go with a two year old. The city was so exhausting! Colored villas nestled into cliffs, warm waveless water, […]

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Part II of our European tour was to Budapest, Hungary. A culture I grew up with, a language I speak, and a cuisine I love. I always thought growing up  that I was weird rather than different. The kid with the smelly lunch is never the cool one ;) But then, I went to Hungary […]

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