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I am so excited to share this beautiful and talented mamma with you! Michelle has been my skin goddess for 3 years now. This bubbly and adorable woman has the knowledge and touch to make your skin radiate from the inside out. As if that wasn’t enough, she has added on to her already successful business.

In tandem with her passion for skin care and age prevention, she has started an organic sunless tanning service. 99% organic spray tan is safe for pregnant women, has NO ODOR, no chemicals, and no orange tint! Hard to believe, I know, but this master recipe is made with brown sugar instead of beta carotene (responsible for the orange tint) and lasts 7-10 days. Awesome for those upcoming weddings, proms, parties, and hard to beat winter pastiness!

Here’s how it works: YOU host a party with five of your friends (already sounds fun), she comes to said party with a pop up tent and her magic potion. All you do is get beautifully bronzed in between sips of champagne! It takes minutes and looks extremely natural. A special addition, which the teens love, is you can add shimmer to your mix! Perfect to give you that extra glow without the mess. Sounds like a great party to me!

Its $40 per guest and the host is free! That’s cheaper than a Mani/Pedi!

If you’re ready to book, just mention Photos By Monika, and I’m sure she’ll find an extra incentive for you :)

Michelle Hummel 

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