Part II of our European tour was to Budapest, Hungary. A culture I grew up with, a language I speak, and a cuisine I love.

I always thought growing up  that I was weird rather than different. The kid with the smelly lunch is never the cool one ;) But then, I went to Hungary and realized there was an entire country filled with people like me. People who speak a language unrelated to any other and who think rubbing bacon grease and salt on bread is delicious.

Since we already planned on visitng my aunt in Germany, we thought, “Hey! Lets make a European tour of it!”. Why not? So we met my mom, step dad,  aunt and uncle in Budapest. What a treat to see all of their old favorite places, restaurants, and friends!

Every time I go to Budapest, I am amazed by its beauty. The bridges that straddle the Danube and the buildings that lie along side it are so remarkable. There is always a new perspective in which to see the city differently.

Parliament, Elizabeth Bridge, Hungary- Manhattan Beach Photographer

The parliament is such a beautiful buliding, it is hard to not photograph it everywhere you go. And of course, you’re not in Hungary without Gypsy music! Even without understanding the words, you feel so emotional listening to the music. The saying is, “if you’re not laughing, you’re crying” when you listen to these songs.

Budapest- Manhattan Beach Photographer

I said that kids thought I was weird for my smelly lunches. Well, I wasn’t kidding. Hungarians eat everything, even the unedible. I spared you some photos, but this market (which is an understatement) Is a two story palace of everything a butcher can label. In addition to the meats, you’ll find paprika paprika and more paprika in every possible form. A very cool place to shop!

Market, Budapest, paprika- Manhattan Beach Photographer

After a week in Budapest, we moved onto other parts of Hungary. Some country side, some lake, and lots of wine! To be continued…

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