Part III of our European travels was beautiful Italy. After much family time in Hungary, Nicholas, James, and I broke away and took off to Cinque Terre for a few days. Ahhhh! This is where you go with a two year old. The city was so exhausting!

Colored villas nestled into cliffs, warm waveless water, and meals that consisted of carbs, wine, and icecream. It doesn’t really get better than that.

We spent four days visiting the five villages. Each of them so cute and charming…

Cinque Terre, Manhattan Beach Photographer

There is a 5-7 hour hike which takes you through the five villages by foot. We were all for it until we found out there was a ferry. Sorry! No contest there. Drag my two year old through rocks and blazing sun or sit on the roof deck of a beautiful boat while the Italian air blows across my face? Hmmm… let me think!

Oh! And don’t mind the grandpa chonies hanging from the door! haha

Cinque Terre, Manhattan Beach Photographer

We decided to try out the only portion of the hike that was stroller friendly. It was called Lovers Walk and was just that. Thousands of locks with initials on them were left behind by lovers as a symbol of their infinite love. It actually got me a bit teary eyed. Leave it to the Italians to be so romantic!

Lovers Walk Italy, Manhattan Beach Photographer

I could share family images for days, but I won’t do that to you :)

Stay tuned for the next blog… Savvy Mamma’s are getting organic spray tans at home!

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