As always, I’m on the search for inspiration, creativity, and new ideas. For myself and for my Savvy Moms Community!

A couple of weeks ago I came across this amazing and informative website, Pier to Peer. I dare not call it a blog, but more of a “webzine”.  Packed with information ranging from local happenings, to art projects, to the best items to buy from Trader Joes! I was so intrigued, I reached out and contacted the creators to set up a meeting.

The three founding ladies, Kimberly, Kristal, and Melissa are the breath of fresh air I was looking for. Super fun, easy going, and bursting at the seams with new ideas. I could have “lunched’ with them all day! Ha! Ok. Stop. I do enjoy lunching a lot, but these girls are extra special!

I snapped a couple photographs before leaving Kimberly’s house. Her house was full of DIY art projects that were just amazing. My favorite was this photo wreath that you can see in the window behind them. I believe she will be writing up a how to guide shortly, so subscribe to the RSS feed asap!

See what I mean? You’d want to lunch with them too!

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As always, if you are a mom that has started your own business and would like to share it with the South Bay, please contact me. The more we support eachother, the more we will grow.


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