Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with love. If it wasn’t for the love, I don’t know how we’d get through the stress! Ha! 

This was the busiest Christmas season I have ever had. I am so greatful for the amazing families I got to work with. I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful road together!

I created dozens of Christmas cards this year and loved them all. Each one was so special. However, there are two that really stand out. I couldn’t resisit sharing.

Is this candy monster not the cutest thing ever? They even signed it “Candy Monster”

baby pictures, monika o'deegan, candy monster


And then this bundle of beautiful Christmas joy. Ah…

newborn baby, baby's 1st Christmas, Monika O'Deegan

Have a great last week of 2011! I have one more blog post for you. Lets see if I can squeeze it in before 2012!


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