The last few months have been truly a miracle. Little angels keep appearing everywhere! In particular, this beautiful baby girl.

Colette Foxen was born almost two weeks ago to one of my dear high school friends. I’m already in love with her first daughter, Finley, now my heart is twice as big.

Baby Colette, welcome to this world. You have no idea how much you are already loved.

newborn baby girl, monika O'deegan, manhattan beach


Monika O'Deegan, newborn baby, manhattan beach


I couldn’t get enough of this awesome blanket on Finley’s bed. So fun! Thanks big sister for sharing :)

Monika ODeegan, newborn baby


I’ve been dying to use this dinosaur prop. Finally a sleepy sleepy baby that would really let me do anything with her :)

dinosaur baby, newborn, monika odeegan


If you’ve been following this blog the past two years, you’ll surely remember this picture of Finley. If not, here it is again. Have to make sure big sister still feels the love too :)

apples, baby in box of apples, monika O'deegan


They make some pretty babies, wouldn’t you say?


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