It is rare that a couple’s love moves me to tears. This is one such couple.

They were so worried about being posed and what they should be doing for the camera. However, once I told them to get down on the sand, they became completely immersed in eachother and didn’t even notice I was there. They had so many beautiful moments, I was scared to speak and interrupt it.

This baby will definetley be coming into a very loving home.

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Stacey and Kelly are living their dream. Growing up in Canada, it was always their goal to one day be living near the California sand and surf. Here they are, taking in every minute, and wanting photos of everything “California”.

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The sky darkened very quickly and we were worried we wouldn’t get their perfect sunset. Thank goodness, at the end of the day, a little patch of sun peaked through and gave us the most dramatic sunset of all!

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