It is so crazy how fast kiddos grow. I met Natalia and Diego when they were pregnant. The anxious and excited parents-to-be. Now, all of a sudden, they have an 18 month old! Ack! How does that happen??

My two favorites from their maternity and newborn shoot…

Hermosa Beach, maternity, Monika O'Deegan,

Redondo Beach, Newborn, Monika O'Deegan


A year and a half later, this beautiful baby is walking, talking, and giggling up a storm. Even with her dear juice box, this is one of my favorite pictures of her.

18 months, manhattan beach, baby girl, monika O'deegan


Seriously. The little teeth and ear to ear grin are just adorable! Besos Besos for Martina!

happy, 18 months, family, manhattan beach, monika odeegan


Inspired by my own maternity shoot, we went back on this lovely path where Martina loved exploring.

walking, 18 months, manhattan beach, polliwog park, monika odeegan


Thank you for including me in these milestones! I love watching Martina grow!

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