About 10 months ago, I received a phone call from a potential client, Silvia. She said that she was nine months pregnant and wanted maternity photos as soon as possible. My first response was, “Congratulations! But… why did you wait so long to call me?”.  Two weeks isn’t a lot of time to work with, especially if baby decides to come early.

She began to tell me the story of how her and her husband had been trying for three years to have a baby. Their only results were multiple miscarriages and failed attempts at reproductive intervention. She didn’t want to jinx her only successful pregnancy. She hadn’t finished talking yet, and I was all sobs. So much heartache. It’s amazing how difficult it can be for some, and so easy for others.

Clearly, there was room in my schedule for this special couple. Here are two of my favorite shots of this glowing pregnant mama…


Now, fast forward ten months, to this week.

After many fertility struggles myself, I am now seven months pregnant with my 2nd child. I was in my favorite prenatal yoga class with Patricia Grube when I saw Silvia running up to me, giddily screaming my name. She had her son 9 months ago and then poof, she was pregnant again. No doctors, no emotional roller coaster, just a healthy baby in her belly. We hugged and congratulated each other. I so wonder why life puts you through the ringer sometimes, I really do. I couldn’t be happier for her and her family that they are able to add another member, with a little less heartache.

Seeing her really made my day. I felt like sharing in case it makes yours too :)

Congratulations Mert and Silvia!

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