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One of my favorite mom-preneurs to follow is Michelle Steele with Inner Glimmer. For the passed four years I have watched her grow leaps and bounds with her business. To move forward as much as she has, does not just require talent, but a good business sense.

After trying out a few studios, she has finally found the one that fits like a glove. An adorably decorated, 2 room suite is the perfect space for her organic tanning, massage, and facials.

Never trying it myself, I’d always been a bit skeptical about spray tan. Wow has that changed. I can keep on hiding from the sun in my big ‘ol sambrero and still look sun kissed. I photographed model Tracy Mork’s before and after. Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m in love! Totally safe (even for pregnant mamas!), non toxic, and 99% organic- why wouldn’t you do it?

Check out how it wiped out her halter tan line! So cool and it took 10 minutes!

Tracy Mork


I highly recommend checking out her new place and all of her amazing services!

Michelle Steele



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