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Happy Thursday! This Fall weather rolling in also brought a new mood. I think I have the post summer blues! I need to mourn summer and by Monday I will embrace Target with all of its Halloween and Christmas decorations! A few of you have asked for me to post some of my own munchkins […]

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The last almost four years have been one awesome adventure. Not only is having your first baby a huge change, but having your first boy. I am an only child and did not grow up knowing the behind the scenes of a boy. Just like with everything else before having a kid- I had a […]

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I had such a hard time categorizing this post. Can I no longer call Max a newborn? I’m so sad! The last 11 weeks have been amazing. This little delicious angel has brought our family so much happiness. But where did it already go?   Yummy! I think I need to run and give those […]

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Time is going way too quickly! My little peanut is 8 weeks old today. Waaaah! wah! Since it’s a bit overcast and cold today, I decided to make it a pajama party day. Of course, I took advantage of our lazy mood and stayed in pjs myself :) Happy 8 weeks Max! James, you’re the […]

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Happy Wednesday! So happy to report Mr. Max slept seven hours last night! Woohoo! That means mama will be back blogging and photographing very soon :) Unless of course, last night was a total fluke! I still have some favorites from week 1 lined up for posting. It’s much harder to weed out the mediocre […]

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Hi! I’m back (I think)! Happy Valentine’s Day and Mid February. Can it really be almost Spring? I thought photographing my own baby would be such a breeze. Haha. Very funny. Throw in a 3.5 year old and my dream photo shoot turned into a hot mess. Here’s what I got… Officially, here is Max, […]

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Part III of our European travels was beautiful Italy. After much family time in Hungary, Nicholas, James, and I broke away and took off to Cinque Terre for a few days. Ahhhh! This is where you go with a two year old. The city was so exhausting! Colored villas nestled into cliffs, warm waveless water, […]

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