Hi! I am so excited to share this little guy. Five month old Chase was rolls of fun! harty har har har

Manhattan Beach Photographer

Southbay Photographer


Do you think he loves his daddy or what?!

Redondo Beach Photographer


What happens after all of this excitement and laughter, when you’re five months old?

Well, you take a nap of course. Right in the middle of the shoot!

South Bay photographer


They were bummed that they didn’t do a newborn shoot with Chase. Well, we got one! Who says you can’t pose a baby! I say, they got lucky and got a two-fer :)

Manhattan Beach baby photographer

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I know it’s a little late to post this, but I thought, “ah, what the heck. Why not?”.

It is so hard to get my munchkins together and smiling. Even a photographer is not immune to the stubbornness of their own children!

Happy belated Halloween! Although, it is Halloween/dress up day in our house everyday!

Manhattan Beach photographer


I love my little bat vampires!

Manhattan Beach Photographer

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Happy Halloween!! Love this holiday! Can’t wait to fill up my coffee mug and watch my kiddo have the best night ever.

I just got home from a newborn shoot. Precious eight day old Frankie. Seriously, the cutest name ever. At the end, we decided to try our luck putting her in a Halloween outfit. We were able to get one before she said, “enough lady!”.

Here’s Frankie. You’ll see more of her in a week or two when I catch up!

manhattan beach newborn photographer


And her proud big brother Joseph…

Manhattan beach newborn photographer

The lucky mamacita has two pumpkins this Halloween! Congratulations Leah!


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Patricia and I go way back. As in, 5 years back. That’s pre-kids for me, so it seems like a lifetime ago!

She was my prenatal yoga instructor at Yoga Works. She changed the way I thought about yoga, took care of my body, and eased my stress. She is an amazing motivator to push you harder, but also bring you to a place of relaxation. With this incredible talent her business as a doula and author have flourished.

I love celebrating hard working women, especially moms. Moms already have a full time job. And then to embark on a personal passion- amazing.

If you haven’t already met Patricia, here she is- the more serious business woman…

Manhattan beach photographer


The fun and carefree Patricia…

El Segundo photographer


I love this pic. Maybe the sultry Patricia?

Yoga Works Patricia


I’m sure being a busy business owner, instructor, and mother, it is hard to remember to practice what you preach. Even during our photo session, she was able to let go of trying to give that perfect smile, and relax. She went to another place for a second and I love how calm and peaceful she looks.

Manhattan Beach Photographer

Perfect qualities for a perfect doula. Feel free to check her out if you’re pregnant and interested in hiring a doula.

She also co-authored a book on prenatal yoga and natural birth. Check it out!


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Hello and happy Tuesday!

The Fall weather has rolled in and so has the flu! Oh my how this time of year is bitter sweet! My poor poor pumpkins have been down for so long. Hopefully, this is the end of it and they are good until next year (wishful thinking, I know)!

On to less booger-y things!

I’m so excited to bring you this beautiful family! I have been working with Patricia, of Serenity Birth, for years and was ecstatic when she came to me to do her family portraits.

What a perfect way to start a Saturday morning! Sun, beach, love, and Kronuts! Well, the Kronuts came later. I treated myself when the shoot was over :) hehe Have you tried those outrageously delicious things???

Meet the Grube family…



Their lovely son who humored me and did all of the crazy things I asked of him…



Proud, beautiful mama love…



And sweet love- love…



Thank you for making me part of such a special moment!

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“Let’s go surfin now, everybody’s learnin how, come on a safari with me!”

Sorry for the cheese! I can’t help myself! What a fun shoot with little 6 month old, Griffin! Being a surfer, dad bought this for the little guy and he took to it like a pro. He seriously looks like he is catching a wave. Ah! Love him!

Manhatan beach photographer


Had to also squeeze in some jersey time and mama tickles :) What a fun little fella!

south bay photographer

Manhattan Beach photographer


On a side note, a very fun and exciting side note- Do you notice anything different?? Perhaps a swirly, elegant and beautiful M?? The new logo is here! It will have its own special announcement soon :)




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Happy Thursday! This Fall weather rolling in also brought a new mood. I think I have the post summer blues!

I need to mourn summer and by Monday I will embrace Target with all of its Halloween and Christmas decorations!

A few of you have asked for me to post some of my own munchkins on the blog. It is so hard to plan the time to do your own family. My kids don’t listen to me like yours do! haha! My oldest lasted for 1 fake smile (granted I only tried to chase him for 1 minute). Max doesn’t know any better, so he just smiles away. I need to cherish those toothless smiles. He’ll be running from me in no time!


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I’ve been so excited to post this stunning high school senior for weeks! Finally her video and images are done!

I kind of want my senior pictures done. Hair, makeup, and your own paparazzi? yes please! Kaela and I had such a great time wandering around Hermosa Beach. She was energetic and oh so smiley!

Congratulations Kaela! You are so beautiful!


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One of the greatest rewards of being a newborn photographer, is growing with these families and their precious dumplings!

I met Dan and Leah when they were pregnant with this cutie pie. Now look at him! Soon to be a big brother, we gave him a lot of attention. I’m pretty sure Miss October will be stealing the spot light for a bit. Can’t wait to meet her!

Manhattan Beach Photographer

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Happy Sunny Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Could the weather be any better? Finally Manhattan Beach steps up the sunny days :)

This little man was pretty happy about his Valley Park photo shoot. Six months and nothing but smiles.

Hello Will :)

Manhattan Beach Photographer


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