Happy Friday!

This little munchkin is one that I have been photographing since in utero. It is so fun to watch a family grow. Especially, when they start as a little lump and all of a sudden start climbing rock walls and going down slides by themselves!

I love that I can capture these precious moments of Joseph. I could have posted twice as many photos but painfully reduced it to these fun five.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!




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I had such a hard time categorizing this post. Can I no longer call Max a newborn? I’m so sad!

The last 11 weeks have been amazing. This little delicious angel has brought our family so much happiness. But where did it already go?


Yummy! I think I need to run and give those cheeks more smooches. The 10,983,497,098,309 he received already today, clearly were not enough.

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Savvy Moms


One of my favorite mom-preneurs to follow is Michelle Steele with Inner Glimmer. For the passed four years I have watched her grow leaps and bounds with her business. To move forward as much as she has, does not just require talent, but a good business sense.

After trying out a few studios, she has finally found the one that fits like a glove. An adorably decorated, 2 room suite is the perfect space for her organic tanning, massage, and facials.

Never trying it myself, I’d always been a bit skeptical about spray tan. Wow has that changed. I can keep on hiding from the sun in my big ‘ol sambrero and still look sun kissed. I photographed model Tracy Mork’s before and after. Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m in love! Totally safe (even for pregnant mamas!), non toxic, and 99% organic- why wouldn’t you do it?

Check out how it wiped out her halter tan line! So cool and it took 10 minutes!

Tracy Mork


I highly recommend checking out her new place and all of her amazing services!

Michelle Steele



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Time is going way too quickly! My little peanut is 8 weeks old today. Waaaah! wah!

Since it’s a bit overcast and cold today, I decided to make it a pajama party day. Of course, I took advantage of our lazy mood and stayed in pjs myself :)

Happy 8 weeks Max! James, you’re the best big brother ever :)





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I had my first photo shoot after a 7 week maternity leave last week and it was wonderful. Carrie called me up and wanted someone to photograph her one week old. Impossible to resist a new baby, I jumped at the chance.

When I got to their house I realized I no longer have a newborn. They grow so fast. Little Brady is such a special guy. Made my seven week old look like a big chunker :)

Please meet 11 day old Brady…


with their first baby, Lucky…


It’s always at the end of the shoot when everyone relaxes, gets used to the intruder in their home (me!), and lets the new -parent -glow come out. Such a beautiful family!


Thank you for letting me capture such a special time in your lives.




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I am so excited to finally share something that has been in the works for years!

Posh Push, a book written by local Manhattan Beach mamas, Patricia Grube and Sara Smildzins,  and photographed by me (yeah!) has been published and is available for purchase!  Beautiful model, Laura Wallof, was photographed at nine months pregnant for the cover of the book as well as images throughout the book!

Here are some of the Photos By Monika photos you will see in the book. To get more information on the book, or to purchase, go to their website, www.poshpush.com.

You can see different yoga poses throughout the book that are safe for pregnant mamas~


Inspiration for the cover~


My fave. Isn’t she just stunning?


The ladies behind Posh Push, Patricia Grube and Sara Smildzins,  will  be hosting a Twitter Party on Thursday February 28 at 10:30 am. I will be on the expert panel giving advice on maternity and newborn photographs, how to hire a photographer, and maternity fashion! Dial in and you could win some AMAZING prizes!

Check it out and RSVP now!  Posh Push Twitter Party

Here are some fun outtakes from the photo shoot! Love this couple!




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Happy Wednesday!

So happy to report Mr. Max slept seven hours last night! Woohoo! That means mama will be back blogging and photographing very soon :) Unless of course, last night was a total fluke!

I still have some favorites from week 1 lined up for posting. It’s much harder to weed out the mediocre ones when it’s your kid!

Here is one of my favorites of this snuggle bug…


One of my biggest regrets was not hiring a photographer to capture this time of ME with my boys. I love them so much and I know this precious moment is fleeting. For now, here is a self portrait with Max. Still working on one with James.


And this one. One of my favorites, not for artistic quality, but because it shows how young, little, and vulnerable he is.

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Hi! I’m back (I think)! Happy Valentine’s Day and Mid February. Can it really be almost Spring?

I thought photographing my own baby would be such a breeze. Haha. Very funny. Throw in a 3.5 year old and my dream photo shoot turned into a hot mess. Here’s what I got… Officially, here is Max, with a proper, non Iphone, portrait :)


And his very proud, protective, and emotional, older brother…


And the delicious cheeks I kiss ALL day long…


I have so many more to share. I’ll get them up next week!

If you’re interested in a photo shoot for your own precious-to-be,  I am now booking for March and April!

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Thank you everyone for your support and votes! It means so much to me. I’m sure the winning family will agree :)
All of these babies and families are so beautiful. This contest is really just a fun way to energize the new year and give someone 100 bucks :)
That being said, I would like to congratulate Rebecca, Clay, and BEAU on their winning portrait! I can’t wait to see this photograph blown up!
Yeah! Congrats!


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Happy New Year!

I am so excited that 2013 is here! The biggest reason of all- we are welcoming our 2nd child in just a few days! Woohoo! So many things to do before he comes. In the chance I fall off of this blog for awhile, you know why :)

One of my favorite parts of the new year, is to look back on “the best of”.  I love revisiting all of the wonderful families I have worked with. Every year, I have such a difficult time narrowing down to the top 5. That’s why, this year, I decided to make a video of ALL of my favorites. The contest will still be held, but here is the video just for smiles.



Now for the contest! Below are what me and my PBM judges believe to be the best five newborn portraits of 2012. They made us smile, laugh, and “ahhh”. Trust me, this was not easy!


The prize? Well, there’s two.

•$100 Photos By Monika gift certificate to the family of the winning portrait

•$50 Photos By Monika gift certificate to the winner of a random drawing from Facebook “likes”. Don’t live in the area and end up winning? Gift it to someone that lives in the Los Angeles area!


To enter the Photos By Monika giveaway, you must do the following TWO things:

• Leave a comment on this blog post with the title of the image you want to win. ONE entry per person. Only valid email addresses will count!

• “Recommend/Like” this post – (button is at the top right of site)


That’s it! Please be sure to spread the word about this contest via Twitter, Facebook, whatever!


Entries will close on Friday January 11th. We’ll announce our winner on Monday January 14th!














Thank you to everyone for all of your support the last three years. I am so lucky to have met so many awesome people! Can’t wait to see who wins!!

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