Happy 100 Days to Ian!

100 days of deliciousness! Love the smile, love the rolls, love the cheeks!

Manhattan Beach photographer

Manhattan Beach baby photographer

Manhattan Beach photographer

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The last almost four years have been one awesome adventure. Not only is having your first baby a huge change, but having your first boy.

I am an only child and did not grow up knowing the behind the scenes of a boy. Just like with everything else before having a kid- I had a game plan. I wouldn’t let my kid watch tv at the table, or throw temper tantrums in public, or disrespect me- yadda yadda yadda. It’s quite comical how all of my prenotions got tossed out the window.

Sword fighting, wrestling, super heroes, explosions, and karate chopping are all part of our daily life. I try so hard to push him to other things, but right now, at this time, my son IS Superman. He shoots webs at me, wakes up at 5 am to put on his full spider man costume, and only refers to me as Wonder Woman (I’m ok with that part).

Finally, this energetic little three year old takes a rest. God is it so precious, for so many reasons. I forget sometimes, how little he is.

Monika O'Deegan

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Seniors! Seniors! Seniors! One of the most fun subjects to photograph!

I just returned from a three day workshop where I got to work alongside the greatest high school senior photographers in the industry. Sarah Lane, Michelle Moore, Meg Borders, and Courtney DeLaura provided a wealth of information, constructive criticism, and inspiration.

I am back from beautiful La Jolla, fully energized, and ready to give Mira Costa students the best photos of their life! Who’s in?

Here are a few of the fun seniors I got to photograph..

class of 2014 seniors


A little behind the scenes. What’s so funny, Leslie Kerrigan?

Good lookin group of girls! What I would do to have my senior photos retaken! LOL I might have to find them and post for your entertainment.


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Photos By Monika is now accepting nominations from the High School Class of 2014 to be a Photos By Monika Senior Model!

Nominees can be your friend, daughter, babysitter, neighbor- whoever! The only requirements are that she is a current high school junior (Class of 2014) from the South Bay area. We are looking for outgoing and fun people full of enthusiasm and excitement to share their photos with friends. Contact me with the name, email, and cell phone of the girl you’d like to nominate. That’s it! Oh! And there’s no obligation to take the position!

As a Photos By Monika Senior Model, you will have a lot of great opportunities, including:

– Portraits in a funky, fun, and edgy style which is completely unique to you
– $50 cash for each booked referral
– credits toward your own Senior Package
– Free Facebook Images

Photos By Monika is only hiring a limited number of high school students from each high school. Nominate those special juniors and give them an experience of a lifetime!

Not interested in being a class model? That’s ok. We can still take awesome portraits for you to enjoy!

A glimpse into what being a senior model is all about…


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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. I thought it would be a good time for the first ever Photos By Monika sale! All of you mamas and mamas-to-be deserve it!

-Book a session by May 12 (for a future date. Now scheduling Summer and Fall) and receive $50 in photo credit! This applies for gift certificates too! Tell your hubbies! Also, a great baby shower gift for the mama-to-be in your life.

-Refer a friend and receive $50 in PBM credit!

-Receive 30% off any canvas from a previous session! Woot woot!

Here’s a little video to remind you how wonderful you are!


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What a great way to start the week! A gorgeous baby and family. I even learned a special  word that worked its way into my heart.

Thambi, a phrase in the South Indian Language, to mean “little boy” is what this little boy’s mom kept calling him.  His real name is Max (which I obviously adore),  but I just LOVED the sound of Jen singing “Thambi”. So so beautiful.

Here, is seven day old, Max. Resting so peacefully on a blanket his aunt crocheted for him.



Max’s proud mom, dad, and big brother, Bear.



One of Jen’s favorite stuffed animals finally meets his new owner.


Thank you Jen, Bala, and Max for including me in this beautiful time.





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Good Morning!

I have an adorable, happy, chubby, four month old to share with you today. Quite a few people “missed” photographing the newborn stage and have asked to do the next best thing. At four months, baby’s personality is starting to come out. They are confident on their bellies and oh so proud. Never mind, their toes taste pretty good too!



Mama love always gets me choked up :)



Love this one of dad! Couldn’t decide if I like it better in b/w or color? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!



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Happy Friday!

This little munchkin is one that I have been photographing since in utero. It is so fun to watch a family grow. Especially, when they start as a little lump and all of a sudden start climbing rock walls and going down slides by themselves!

I love that I can capture these precious moments of Joseph. I could have posted twice as many photos but painfully reduced it to these fun five.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!




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I had such a hard time categorizing this post. Can I no longer call Max a newborn? I’m so sad!

The last 11 weeks have been amazing. This little delicious angel has brought our family so much happiness. But where did it already go?


Yummy! I think I need to run and give those cheeks more smooches. The 10,983,497,098,309 he received already today, clearly were not enough.

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Savvy Moms


One of my favorite mom-preneurs to follow is Michelle Steele with Inner Glimmer. For the passed four years I have watched her grow leaps and bounds with her business. To move forward as much as she has, does not just require talent, but a good business sense.

After trying out a few studios, she has finally found the one that fits like a glove. An adorably decorated, 2 room suite is the perfect space for her organic tanning, massage, and facials.

Never trying it myself, I’d always been a bit skeptical about spray tan. Wow has that changed. I can keep on hiding from the sun in my big ‘ol sambrero and still look sun kissed. I photographed model Tracy Mork’s before and after. Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m in love! Totally safe (even for pregnant mamas!), non toxic, and 99% organic- why wouldn’t you do it?

Check out how it wiped out her halter tan line! So cool and it took 10 minutes!

Tracy Mork


I highly recommend checking out her new place and all of her amazing services!

Michelle Steele



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