Happy Monday!

What a wonderful weekend! Not only was it sunny and 80 degrees, but I had two wonderful shoots with two beautiful families.

Robert and Silvia have been married for ten years and decided to treate themselves to a photo shoot. Their chemistry was magical. I took them on a wild ride and both of them were such good sports going on such rocky terrain with me.

I think it was worth it, don’t you?


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After the treacherous journey, Silvia and Robert were able to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and eachother.

10 year anniversary, monika o'deegan photography, love, engagement, Palos Verdes


An ispiration for sure. Their love is amazing. Congratulations you two!

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’m feeling a little lovey and a wee bit sentimental.

I put together this video montage of a few of my favorite images. See the special promo offer at the end!

This is the perfect opportunity to purchase that gift for the mom-to-be in your life!

Book in February for any future date to receive the discount. 

*New clients only

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Just a glimpse into the relaxing, heavenly, and magical touch of Michelle Hummel. 

I met Michelle three years ago when I was pregnant. She was a masseuse at the spa at Equinox. She melted away all of my prenatal pains and I have been loyal ever since.

Now, this entrepreneurial woman has branched out and is now working for herself, right on Manhattan Beach Blvd! Using the best products for facials (trust me. I have the most sensitive, dry skin on Earth!), the yummiest oils for massage, and the most organic and pure  potion for spray tan (yes, everything is completely safe for pregnant women!!).

I personally vouch for her talent and encourage you to go check her out. As a courtesy to my friends, fellow yoga mammas, and me, Michelle is offering $30 off her normal fee. Book this week and you will receive a 60 minute massage for $60!! It is unbeatable and truly amazing. Maybe even ask your sweetheart for a Valentine’s Day treat! Be sure to mention Photos By Monika/ Monika O’Deegan! Enjoy!

Michelle Hummel


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The last few months have been truly a miracle. Little angels keep appearing everywhere! In particular, this beautiful baby girl.

Colette Foxen was born almost two weeks ago to one of my dear high school friends. I’m already in love with her first daughter, Finley, now my heart is twice as big.

Baby Colette, welcome to this world. You have no idea how much you are already loved.

newborn baby girl, monika O'deegan, manhattan beach


Monika O'Deegan, newborn baby, manhattan beach


I couldn’t get enough of this awesome blanket on Finley’s bed. So fun! Thanks big sister for sharing :)

Monika ODeegan, newborn baby


I’ve been dying to use this dinosaur prop. Finally a sleepy sleepy baby that would really let me do anything with her :)

dinosaur baby, newborn, monika odeegan


If you’ve been following this blog the past two years, you’ll surely remember this picture of Finley. If not, here it is again. Have to make sure big sister still feels the love too :)

apples, baby in box of apples, monika O'deegan


They make some pretty babies, wouldn’t you say?


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2012 has blessed me with some beautiful new additions into this world.

Meet this gorgeous baby girl with a name to match…

newborn baby girl, cocoon, monika O'Deegan

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What a great start to a new year! So much fun voting for “Best Babies of 2011” and now the first Best Baby of 2012!

This family was a dream to shoot. So chill, wearing pajamas (ok. I wish I looked like Sarah fresh out of bed, with a newborn, wearing pajamas), but anyway- you get my point. Will was not interested in sleeping whatsoever, but he was happy as a clam, so no complaints here either!

Meet Will, ten days old. Can we say, ‘Raaaar!!”?

newborn baby boy, lion hat, Monika O'Deegan Photography


With amazing team work, mom and dad were able to get him to sleep for a few minutes. Ha! Will- You’re gonna give your parents quite a run for their money! You little turkey, I mean, lion :)

newborn baby boy, new mom, Monika ODeegan Photography


Precious little guy. Ahhhh….

newborn baby boy, sleeping baby, Monika O'Deegan Photography

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Thank you all for voting! We had close to 400 voters on this year’s “Best Babies of 2011”!

All of these babies are absolutely gorgeous. They were all a close first, but the one to take home the prize of $100 Photos By

Monika credit is…

MATEO!! Congratulations Scott and Sasha!



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What a fun way to start the New Year! Stay tuned for the new adorable babies of 2012! There are quite a few coming soon on the blog!

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Happy New Year! There’s nothing like 70 degree weather in January to get me in a good mood and inspire me to write the first blog post of 2012!

I wanted to thank everyone for their support and encouragement. Without you, 2011 would not have been my best year ever! Woot woot! Thank you!

In honor of the amazing people I’ve met this past year, I am giving away $100 in Photos By Monika credit to the family with the most votes on “Best Babies of 2011”! Even if you don’t know any of these beautiful babies- VOTE!

Which portrait grabs you the most?

Only one entry per email (trust me, it will be checked). I will close the voting next Monday January 16th. The winner of the best photo (YOU decide) will get $100 towards any product/session they want! All you have to do is go down to the comment box and type in the name of the photo you think deserves first place! Hit “post” and you’re done!




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Best of 2011, newborn photography, Monika O'Deegan





Best of 2011 newborn picture, Monika O'Deegan





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Want to see Best of 2010?? Enter here!

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A beautiful December day in Manhattan Beach! And what a better way to spend it than photographing this gorgeous family!

The kids had a blast running around, snuggling up in their new winter attire, and of course, eating lollipops.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with love. If it wasn’t for the love, I don’t know how we’d get through the stress! Ha! 

This was the busiest Christmas season I have ever had. I am so greatful for the amazing families I got to work with. I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful road together!

I created dozens of Christmas cards this year and loved them all. Each one was so special. However, there are two that really stand out. I couldn’t resisit sharing.

Is this candy monster not the cutest thing ever? They even signed it “Candy Monster”

baby pictures, monika o'deegan, candy monster


And then this bundle of beautiful Christmas joy. Ah…

newborn baby, baby's 1st Christmas, Monika O'Deegan

Have a great last week of 2011! I have one more blog post for you. Lets see if I can squeeze it in before 2012!


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