‘It’s 10pm. I had to DVR Dancing With the Stars because I’m far too excited by the photos from today’s Maternity Boudoir shoot.

A week ago my yoga instructor Patricia Grube, hired me to do this photo shoot for a very inspirational project that she and fellow yoga student, Sara Smildzins are working on. The project involves a book (ooh!) and natural child birth (ouch!). Ha! Just kidding. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. Hopefully before I get pregnant again!  If you’d like to follow the progress of their book or would like to contribute in some way (maybe your own amazing natural birth), please check out the website for updates and contact info: http://www.serenitybirth.com/.

So back to my stunning model.

We had quite a lot of ground to cover on this shoot. We started at 9am down in Manhattan Beach with some prenatal meditation and fun in the sand.

Then moved onto some fun in the bedroom! Ooh La La!


Um Hello. Can we say beautiful? Go ahead and guess how far along she is? Just try.

Nope. You’re wrong. She’s nine months! Due any day now!

And yes, there is a daddy too. Pretty fine lookin couple, wouldn’t you say?

Baby Grace is already a lucky girl..

Ok, catch your breath. The rest is for them to enjoy!

And one last photo for the grandparents…

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‘Wednesday, I met precious eight day old, Andrew Patrick. Every time I do a newborn session I start crying. Its really quite embarrassing actually. I used to get so mad at my mom when she would cry over every little thing- now, I’m her. Something about having a baby and not quite grasping the concept of that little miracle gets me every time. It usually takes me a minute or two to pull it together and continue with the shoot.

This was a very intimate shoot between the first time parents and Andrew. We decided to do almost the entire shoot on the bed. Works for me!

Please, meet Andrew :)

His beautiful and glowing mother, April…

His adoring and proud dad…

And the love that binds them together…

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If you haven’t already seen The Sound of Music, get off of your chair, close this blog, and go rent it, download it, whatever! It is the best classic out there. I thoroughly enjoy it every single time I watch it. I don’t think I can say that about any other movie.

So I’m writing about this because this Fall, The Hollywood Bowl is putting up the largest outdoor screen in the world and showing this musical gem. Not only can you watch it with thousands of other people while sipping wine, but its a sing-a-long!

OMG. I’m buying tickets now! Come join me :)


A little bit of SoM trivia:

In the scene with the glass house where they are singing “I am sixteen going on seventeen”- you know that one? Well, the actress,  Leisel, during filming, fell through the glass and not only shattered the glass, but her ankle! They had it all bandaged up and had to edit the cast out of the movie. I didn’t even know that crazy technology existed back in 1965!’

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‘I don’t know how I missed this photo of adorable Logan, but its my new favorite. I think I’m in love :)

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‘After a very busy weekend, I was finally able to sit down and sift through the photos of Savanna and mamma Marilyn. Here are a couple more from last week’s shoot (Golden Savanna).

Ah! She is just so yummy!

She loves her mamma!

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‘Happy Mother’s Day Mammas and Mammas to be!

I hope today was wonderful for you.  It’s so weird to be a mamma. I don’t know that it has clicked in my brain yet. Maybe when I’m woken up with “beautiful” macaroni art and pancakes in bed will it feel like its *my* Mother’s Day. What I do know is that I have so many wonderful women in my life. This first Mother’s Day to me was a celebration of those ladies. So many of us have been friends for years, decades even, and now we are sharing in the joy of motherhood together. But what I realized is how much love and influence we have over each others muffin dumplings.  I’m all of a sudden a mamma to like 10 babies!

If you’re bored with all this and want to stop reading now, go for it, but I have to talk about my day. It was just too amazing not too :) It really was a day to soak in and appreciate our new, very own,  little family.

James’s early morning whimpers got me out of bed around 7. I decided that he needed to take me out for coffee in exchange for his freedom (out of the crib). We walked the pier, sipped coffee, and shared a bagel. It was just what I needed to charge up for the day. We let dad sleep a little and met him back at home.

Nicholas’s planning was top notch. We drove into LA and the three of us had an amazing lunch at The Chateau Marmont. The garden there is incredible! It was so private and relaxing- no wonder so many celebrities have taken up residency there! We had a few glasses of wine and watched our peanut make his way to every table to say hello (normally we’d never do this, but there were babies babies babies everywhere!). After our 3 hour lunch we cruised Sunset Blvd all the way west to  The Getty Museum. Neither of us had ever been there and this was finally an excuse to go. Even the drive all the way down was spectacular. Unfortunately we only had a short amount of time before closing. We managed to walk through the flower garden and visit a few exhibits.

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‘This morning was an early one, but well worth it. I met Brooke and this yummy dumpling (Logan) at a flower nursery. We did a lot of running around, talking, and every so often managed to take a photo or two :)

Omg so precious! She looks like a fixture in the garden!

My Favorite…

Little Petunia :)

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‘Happy Cinco De Mayo! How life has changed. I can tell  you that one year ago, ok maybe two (when i wasn’t pregnant), I definitely wasn’t blogging! ha!

Instead of the Monika usual, I had a beautiful photo shoot today with an afternoon enchilada and margarita to follow.  Had to get it in somewhere!

At a glance, here’s my favorite shot…

Stay tuned for more of this gem!’

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‘Yesterday I photographed my new friend, Stone.  Here’s a few shots of our morning together.

We started off with a game of



A quick wardrobe change…

Some beach time…

And some Mommy time…

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HELLO all you mamacitas (and maybe mamas-to-be)!

I feel like I just had James a few months ago and POOF! Its a year. I can’t believe it. Makes me a little sad actually.

Ok Ok, I’m not going to write about my emotional issues of watching my muffin grow so fast :) Although if someone would like to blubber about it over a cup of coffee, I’m game!

What I am writing about is an important issue that we all have to think about sooner or later- Preschool! Can you believe people are already asking me questions about which preschools I want James to go to? Ack! I just stopped nursing! Give me a break already!

“Which preschools have you put James on the waitlist for?” “Do you believe in the Reggio Approach?” “What about a Montessori? Would you enroll him in that?”

Cough, snort, “What?!” as I choke on my water. I have no clue what their talking about. I’m all of a sudden feeling behind not knowing a thing. I’m busy though. I don’t have time to interview preschools, read up on the different methods for teaching my child, or figure out when preschool will be right for James.

Thank God for our community of Yoga moms though. Not only do we encourage and support each other in our new journey of parenting, but some of us (eh hem Ms. Brianne- founder of The Mindful Mamas and Elizabeth-former Director of S.H.A.R.P. Preschool) go out on their own and become entrepreneurs. These two brilliant women have visited almost every preschool in the South Bay, listened to speakers on the various philosophies of preschool and primary education, and put it all together for us in a nice neat two hour presentation.

I don’t know about you, but that’s priceless! In two hours you’re going to hand me everything I need to know? Sold!

Anyone wanna join me and check one more HUGE thing off of your ToDo List? Its on Thursday May 13th.

You can find more information about Preschool Pickings on The Mindful Mamas website (might as well check that out too. Especially the mamas-to-be!)

Hope to see you there!’

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