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I am overflowing with emotion, as I’m sure most people are, with what is going on in our country and world. Everything is crazy right now!

I decided to do this Americana photo shoot because I felt the need to connect with our country and display our love and loyalty. These beautiful faces, in front of the American flag, makes me feel so proud.

Manhattan beach studio children photographer

Six toddlers in a 3×5 space. No problem. They were magnificent, fun, and so snuggly!

South Bay photographer children

And what kind of photographer would I be if we didn’t have cool sunglasses and a dance party? Come on now! What a great morning!

Manhattan beach photographer

This is what life is all about. Look at the joy on their faces!

Americana Dance Party | Photos By Monika

Happy 4th of July weekend! stay tuned for Part II of this fun shoot!



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Everyday that you work with a newborn, you face new challenges and experience something for the first time. Every baby is different and requires a slight tweak of my technique.

Well, this photo shoot was no exception. When Kelly called me and said that they are race car fanatics, Grandpa changed his name to Grandpa Vroom, and her sister works on the track, I knew she had something up her sleeve. Boy did she ever!

“When my baby girl is born, can you please photograph her in a race car tire?”

“Um… what? I mean, sure! Why not?” haha!

We did it! And here is the perfect angel, carrying on the tradition of race car love!

Meet baby Gracen (initials are GPS)

manhattan beach newborn baby girl photographer

los angeles newborn baby girl photographer


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This beautiful family is now complete with their third little angel! You never know what you’re going to get with two small children and a newborn, but these kids were great for me. Jack even gave me a handful of smiles. Thanks dude!

Check out the sweetness…

manhattan beach newborn photography

Newborn Baby Boy Collage | Photos By Monika

Los Angeles manhattan beach newborn photography

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I can’t even explain how much fun I’m having in the studio with these cake smashes. Seeing my little newborns all grown up and stuffing their face with yummy cake! it just doesn’t get any better!

Here is little William 1 year ago. Cute, snugly, and delicious.

south bay los angeles newborn baby photographer

Now, he is spunky, LOVES to eat, and still pretty scrumptious.

blue boy cake smash manhattan beach


Please book your cake smash 2 months in advance. All cake smashes are custom designed to your color and theme!

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Cake Smash


Happy birthday Jake! What a cutie pie you are!

I love love love this nautical themed cake smash that we set up in the studio. Everything just worked so well together!

This little munchkin went through a series of emotions but ended up having a whale of a time!

manhattan beach south bay photographer

I can’t believe this was little Jakey a year ago! Time goes so fast!



Please book your cake smash or newborn photography session with at least 2 months notice!

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I’m so excited to share with you, baby Celia. She is beautiful, just like her mom and dad.

I usually only photograph newborns between 1-2 weeks old. After that, they tend to resist all of my fun props, blankets and poses. However, this little lady was 6 weeks new and an angel. She posed, she smiled, and she made eye contact like a super model.

Please meet (and welcome to Manhattan Beach) Celia and her lovely parents…


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Happy birthday to this gorgeous gal! I cannot believe a year has gone by!


newborn baby photographer south bay

I have been planning her one year cake smash since her newborn session! ha! I absolutely love the white, gold, and pink theme to this photo shoot.

Amelia loved having her photos taken, until that is, the cake came! She really wanted no part of it, but a little game of chase, turned that around real quick.


white gold pink cake smash

Cake smash sessions have two set ups and are both custom designed to your color palette. Book 1-2 months in advance to guarantee availability!


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Cake Smash


It seems like it was 2 seconds ago that I photographed this sweet angel as a newborn. Now, today, he is ONE! How does that happen? I have three boys and I still can’t wrap my head around the time.

Thank goodness for cake smashes! My precious newborn babies always find their way back to me, this time, for sweet treats!

Look at what a difference a year makes…

manhattan beach newborn photography

Manhattan Beach baby Photographer


After a few “clean” shots, we let Kai dive into his cake. We laughed through the entire thing. Not a bad way to start your day! Happy Birthday you sweet boy. I miss that giggle already!

manhattan beach photographer


All cake smashes are custom designed around your colors and style. Set up, cake, and clean up are all included in your session. All you have to do is show up!

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I am so excited about the upcoming “Sending X’s and O’s” mini sessions! Christmas minis were such a blast, I just couldn’t bare to skip this sweet holiday. If you missed sending out holiday cards, this is your chance to get those sweet baby faces on people’s walls and mantels!

Mini session times will be announced later on Facebook. You must “like’ Photos By Monika to get on the sign up list. There will only be a few slots available.

Now it’s time to meet the models.

I photographed Stella and Chase as newborns. I couldn’t help but tear up when I saw what beautiful little toddlers they became. They were so cute that I indulged them with cupcakes, turning their valentines day photo shoot into a cake smash. Hey, why not? It’s great to be 1.5 years old!

Manhattan beach photographer

Seriously, Chase and Stella, your saucer blue eyes, curls, and precious outfits are just too much to handle!




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Mini Sessions


Sending X’s and O’s your way for a Happy Valentine’s Day treat!

I will be offering one day of Valentine’s Day minis sometime in January. Stay tuned for details!

How cute is this little sassy sweetheart? Love her and her sparkling personality!

manhattan beach studio photographer, valentine's day

Manhattan beach south bay photographer

Valentine's Day mini sessions photographer



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